Ashikur Rahman Ashik
Ads Expert

Ashikur Rahman Ashik

Ashikur Rahman Ashik
Ads Specialist



You may come across marketers offering a guarantee, e.g. “Rank No. 1 on Google or your money back”. Even if you have a big budget, this type of guarantee is hard to fulfil. This is because Google Ads uses a dynamic, constantly changing auction system. You might have to bid X amount for your ad to rank # 1 one day, and then three times more the next day just for it to appear at all. What’s to stop your competitor out-bidding you once in a while?

I will work closely with you to help you reach your marketing goals. And because you don’t have to sign any contracts, you can opt out at any time and either cease Google Ads advertising or take over account management yourself.

Yes, I do. I work collaboratively with clients to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies that align with their business goals, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach across various online channels.

Yes, I do. Outsourcing tasks to a skilled virtual assistant frees up valuable time, allowing you to concentrate on core business functions and strategic planning.